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The most important step you can take towards experiencing a healthy love relationship — whether you’re with an existing partner or you’re single and looking for love — is to become completely aware of who you truly are when it comes to relationships and your own love readiness. Because this isn’t an easy task to do on your own, I partnered with renowned relationship therapists and international bestselling authors Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt to create the most meaningful love assessment to date: the Real Reveal®.

Kailen Rosenberg, Founder of My Love Design
Kailen Rosenberg is CEO and founder of Kai-len, LLC and The Love Architects®, the world’s first and only Love Design® firm focused on designing the love lives of the world’s elite. She is an elite matchmaker and life coach renowned for introducing the world’s most influential singles into healthy and loving relationships. Passionate about making this world a better place, Kailen is on a mission to change the way the world finds and experiences love. Kailen is a highly recognized Certified Master Love, Life, and Relationship coach who has been called upon by Oprah Winfrey and featured in press around the world. Kailen is the creator of the groundbreaking dating, lifestyle, and wellness platform She is also the author of “Real Love, Right Now: A 30-Day Blueprint for Finding Your Soul Mate — and So Much More!